CSIR Skill Initiative

As a part of CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative, CSIR NIIST is offering several skill development courses for graduates, diploma holders, people from industries in various disciplines of Science and Engineering. Basic Knowledge generation, hands on experience in operation and maintenance of sophisticated equipments are the highlights of the course. The aim is to develop manpower to cater to the needs of scientific organisations and industries.

Admission 2023-24 Apply Online

Envision new challenges and opportunities in areas of core strength of the institution and thereby emerging as:

 Institution of international reputation through symbiotic alliance with industries and academia for high impact science, techno commercially important IP, technologies and products with direct impact on society.

 Pioneers in delivering innovative, cost competitive and environmentally acceptable processing technologies based on the expertise in functional materials, agro-products, bioactive molecules and mineral processing.

 Center of Excellence for advanced materials in energy, security, diagnostics and strategic applications.

 Consultant and service provider to MSMEs and industries thus becoming a solution provider to societal and environmental issues such as (air/water) pollution, waste management, effluent treatment etc.

  1. A short course on Environmental Chemical Analysis(Air quality- Ambient and stack emissions)
  2. Advance Metal Casting Techniques and Characterization
  3. Alloy Design and Casting Simulation
  4. Chemical and Metallurgical Process Calculations
  5. Dye-sensitized solar cells:Fundamentals,Device Fabrication, Characterizations and Applications
  6. Food chemistry and food analysis
  7. Food Packaging
  8. Food processing techniques
  9. Functional Food & Nutraceuticals
  10. Intellectual Property Rights, Patents and Practice
  11. Laboratory Quality Management and NABL accreditation for testing laboratories
  12. Mechanical Testing and Thermal Characterization
  13. Nano material Synthesis and their Coatings
  14. Open source GIS tools:utilising QGIS for general and specific purpose Environmental mapping
  15. Opportunities for entrepreneurs in waste management sector
  16. Printed Electronics based Advanced Device Fabrication
  17. Remote sensing and GIS applications in Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
  18. Removal of Organic Dyes from Aqueous Solutions and Textile Wastewaters
  19. Sustainable building materials for green construction technology
  20. Techniques of Phytochemical Profiling & Characterization
  21. Training in real time PCR with emphasis on cellular gene expression studies
  22. Value addition of Agro Produces and Quality control 1.Spices,2.Millets,3.Fruits and Vegetables,4.Edible oil refining
  23. Waste water technologies and interventions for the desiccated coconut industries
  24. X-ray diffraction of powders and thin films

Mode of training: Offline / Online

The theory classes will be taught in English.

Smart classroom tools will be used for conducting theory classes and course materials will be given to candidates.

To remain as a dynamic, vibrant and responsive public organization serving public, private, social and strategic goods through interdisciplinary research in the areas of Chemical Sciences & Technology, Materials Science & Technology, Agroprocessing & Technology, Microbial Processes and Technology, Environmental Technology and Phytopharmaceuticals & Drug intermediates.